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 Post subject: Re: Worlds 2011 aftermatch + feedback
PostPosted: Sat Nov 12, 2011 8:50 am 
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Firstly, thanks for the organizers (Pun, Mark, LW), gamemasters, and "grid girleys" (Marcia, Shannita). I mostly agree with Juhgis on the ideas he brought up.

SeiSka (7 from my team) and SuBa, you should take a lesson from Juhgis how to introduce ideas to others! By insulting and taking personalities into the game you aren't reaching any kind of consensus (aka. good).

I had a blast and congrats to GP!

I also tried to chat with ppl, really had fun and hopefully no-one received a negative picture from me (us). Yeah, I was on team Almost 7.

We came here primarily to play and have fun. Leave the hard feelings out and: Let the game decide.


 Post subject: Re: Worlds 2011 aftermatch + feedback
PostPosted: Sat Nov 12, 2011 8:51 am 
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Im currently on the train headin home and was reading some of the posts so personally its my turn.

First and foremost thank you to Brian of Fun Junction for letting us have the tournament here you were more than flexible with the events going on and even though I personally was not playing it was great meeting you, had fun in your arena and hope your business continues to flourish. To BigMark and Mason. Thanks for letting me be apart of this I had a great time and still feel bad for the headaches that the packs and system caused. Lonewolf my old friend, dude I have no idea how you kept your sanity this past week with all the crap that went down between the packs and the bases I would have totally gone office space on them.

Since Im no longer game mastering I can go back to my good ole self. for the rest of this.

Coast 2 Coast - It is always good to see you guys and always have a great time hanging around and just being goofy. You guys played your asses off in both eliminator and team comp and no one can ever take that from you, and if they try they're just jealous. Once I get somethings straight Ill definelty be coming up to Sterling on the regular to play you guys.

RSD - Besides Assassin, Berzerk, Exit, and Dot I do not you know you guys that well but your a good group of guys and the group you had at this tournament was a top notch team and the fact yall didnt make finals in elims or comp actually shocked me.

Legends - What can I say? Ive had the honor of playing against you guys at other tournaments as well as leagues and other games. I honestly thought yall would have made it to finals and given GP a run for the money, however it wasnt meant to be.

Identity Crisis - You guys are the craziest bunch of people I honestly can say I have ever met in the Zone community. Your teamwork is great and the fact yall not only made finals but did it by obtaining the bye from prelims was no shock to me. Yall definetly made an entertaining tournament to say the least.

Charm City - Yall have improved dramatcially since I last played yall. The addition of Shane and Kuron was a big plus.

Invalid's team - This is a team with potential but there are some definite bugs the group as a whole will need to work on before the next event that they attend.

The Aussie invasion - Some of the coolest people Ive met. Noofa, Doc, Wraith and company it was so much a pleasure in meeting all of you and had a blast hanging out in the lobby and such. I would have loved to play against yall in a game maybe that will come to fruition in the near future.

The Finns - GP is beast of a team and you took it to some of the top teams from both the States and Australia. Milky is a great solo player, and really enjoyed watching you play in solos all I can say is you were a freak of nature during finals. Almost 7 is a team I didnt get to talk to that much but the ones I did get to were genuine guys and fun to talk to also kinda nice to have someone whos likeminded to myself when it comes to Zone tourneys if you dont win a trophy thats fine, just have fun, and learn. The final team from Finland (sorry I cannot remember your name Ive been up for 36 hrs) I never got to know you guys but definetly a team to watch at the next worlds.

For those who were bashing how things were run and the event overall all I can say is for you to go fuck yourselves. There were issues that noone could have forseen and that Lonewolf worked his ass off trying to get everything running smoothly and I read people bitching. The gamemasters did their jobs but could not be in every where at all times so were there things that were missed absolutely none of us are perfect especially me and youll never here me say that I am. Some of the Finns get on here and start bashing Americans for rule breaking, are you kidding me as a player I had multiple chances to where I could term some of you guys especially for shielding but could not becuz the way the rules were told to us and I was going to abide to that. In regards to some of the other rules they were much difficult to enforce due to the space provided like under the target card with more than one person there its hard to keep a one foot distance from the other person. Trying to get out of a base when down is difficult especially when ya got people going in both directions.

Im sure there will be more later on when I get back to Richmond but for now ima try to get some sleep.

Fight you? No, I want to kill you.


 Post subject: Re: Worlds 2011 aftermatch + feedback
PostPosted: Sat Nov 12, 2011 7:39 pm 
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Reminisence wrote:
You don't know me , and you try to physically threaten me in the game because you were getting schooled. You're lucky you did that to me and not one of the other baltimore / sterling guys.
And I don't care how "dirty" you think I am , this is a game. If you decide to take it further don't get shook when you get manned up on because you thought being bigger than me would effect my reaction

I did not mean to offend anyone with my post, so im sorry for little rough outcome...

And I also apologize if that situation seemed physically intimidation to you, it really was not what i ment to do... I just exaggerate things you were doing in that corner. (coming really close to duel, and turning your hand in front of your chest while dodging). That was it, after that, you poke me, and said things you said... And as i said, you were one of the players in tournament that really impressed me. So gg, wp and gz of 3th place! You won us because you were better, there is no other reasons... And yeah, you guys just kicked our ass, i really think you deserved third place in this tournament! :)


And i really think it was great tournament after packs started working, and as i said earlier, atmosphere on lobby was just awesome, people was nicer to each other than in sweden or finland usually :) Thank you all! And i honestly hope i see you guys in future.


 Post subject: Re: Worlds 2011 aftermatch + feedback
PostPosted: Mon Nov 14, 2011 6:14 pm 
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Juhgis wrote:
a) 25 packs ? In the end 15 working packs, which made the Triples Event impossible.
b) Recharging the packs after 6-8 hour use. Were these retail ones ?
c) When there's a tournament going on, we hope that no one tries to code the system (like trying to add denials etc.). Once everything is done BEFORE the tournament, it stays.
Just so everyone knows...
a) We started with 25 and had like 16-17 working packs at the end of the last day, but that was only because I started parting bad ones to try and build working ones. It was right after the eliminator that we only had 15 working... Zone sent us like 6 new back boards and a firmware update to get some of the failed packs back up, but at least 2 of the new backs then failed again that same day. We got the system Aug 10th-ish and it has only been used on average 5 hours every other week. Sad.

b) No, we were the only ones to use them and they got recharged every night (day). As we have no idea what was causing all the problems we started charging them just in case it was low batteries.

c) Nothing related to denials or any other scoring event was touched during the event. By and large it was the NUTS format with a few additional options added to support eliminator and some tweaks to try to help with the "packs randomly drop offline for 90-180 seconds" issue.


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 Post subject: Re: Worlds 2011 aftermatch + feedback
PostPosted: Thu Feb 16, 2012 9:40 pm 
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Hi guys ... I had a great time and I really appreciated all those that made it work - THANK YOU

These things will never go to everyone's expectation and there is no way to get %100 satisfaction from everyone.

With all that was happening in the background and and all those people that gave up their time to run it - I was impressed that most people kept their cool and even more so that the organisers and staff managed to stay anywhere near sane - let alone pull it all off.

Thanks again.


... you never appreciate what you have, till it's gone.
...........Toilet paper is a good example ..........


 Post subject: Re: Worlds 2011 aftermatch + feedback
PostPosted: Fri Feb 17, 2012 9:27 am 
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What he said...!


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