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Author:  Fresh [ Fri Nov 11, 2011 3:29 am ]

Ranking them from favorite to least favorite.


Most familiar - V4
Money Involved - V5
If I was stuck on one system - Infusion.

V4 - The system I am the most comfortable with but the packs (even when fairly new) had tons of problems with battery life and other annoying issues such as clips breaking etc.

V5 - This system was just about perfect imo. These are the packs I would play on if money was involved. I have the least amount of experience on V5 but somehow I play the best on these packs. They were not too loud like V4 they felt good when wearing them. Only drawback was they had similar issues to V4 in the battery/annoying issues.

Infusion - Infusion is a good system. We had Infusion at our site for 4 years and even towards the end they still played very well almost like when they were new. The only annoying aspect of them was the stun issue and the randomness such as double deacing with someone and then they come up almost a whole second before you. Philly tourney is still a boat load of fun even though it is on Infusion. The reason I would play infusion if I could only play one system is its versatility, No base flags or any of the new formats with V4/5.

Nexus - A good sysyem minus the double deacing issue. I noticed it alot at the 2 Bailey's Nats I attended. At clash it didnt seem to be that big of an issue. However the randomness is there also depending on what site you go to. For example each tourney I have played on Nexus the packs seems to play very different. This is a big turn off.

T - Only 2 games ever on this system. It was not fun.

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